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Sobre mi

Yo, María de los Ángeles Esteves, alias Cuca, nací en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soy escritora, música y exploradora multimedia. En resumen, una híbrida. A los ocho años, con mis hermanas creamos la Editorial Casa, y hasta los catorce escribí y "publiqué" un libro cada verano.

Our “Children’s Books”

A los nueve años comencé mis estudios de piano en el Conservatorio de Música de San Martín, y a partir de ahí mi dilema nunca terminó: ¿Música o literatura? Me gradué en 1991 con los títulos de Profesora de Música y de Piano.

I participated in writing workshops between 1989 and 1994 with Roberto DeVita and Mempo Giardinelli. In 1991 with a local group of writers, from La Cooperativa El Hogar Obrero, I published in two anthologies: the short story “Perfume azulado,” in Parte de la Ficción, and also in the magazine Generación Abierta a la Cultura; and the poems “En tren a Avellaneda” and “Absoluto” in Poemas al Paso.

En 1994 ingresé en la Escuela de Música de Genevilliers, y más tarde en el Conservatorio Regional de París, Francia, donde continué con mis estudios musicales en composición y música electroacústica.

En 1997 me trasladé a La Haya, Países Bajos, para estudiar composición y música electrónica en el Conservatorio Real.

Tras mi graduación en 2001 me trasladé a California, donde entre 2004 y 2006 completé el MFA en Escritura Creativa y Escritura para las Artes Escénicas, en la Universidad de California, Riverside. Empecé un máster en composición, pero no lo terminé. Mi tesis incluyó dos trabajos: la producción e interpretación de Identidad Identidad que incluye texto y arreglos musicales, gráficos, video y escenas de baile; y Spoken Music, Spoken Music una colección de spoken word y poemas para ser leídos en voz alta.

Bapudi Collective
Identidad Postcard
Identidad Postcard

Some of these pieces where performed at RedCat, Highways Performance Space, like “Two Dried Apricots and a Rotten Walnut”, MOLA, Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Galery 9 Division, the Electric Lodge, among others.

Entre 2005 y 2018, también trabajé con los escritores Alicia Kozameh, Sebastián Olaso y Merce Company. Y si, estuve escribiendo pero no publicando mucho, hasta ahora. Crónicas Schevingeanasmi primer libro de poesía híbrida saldrá pronto en medio de estos tiempos pandémicos. Es medio bilingüe con textos en inglés y palabras en holandés, pero es más que nada en castellano. La versión en ingles saldrá en cuanto termine con las traducciones. ¡Y, ojalá, también en holandés!

The book now in bookstores

My publishing credits in English include the essay “Life in 2030?” in Salty Magazine in 2005, the short story “Marta” in Crate Magazine, also in 2005, a selection of poems from Love Songs From the Desert written at the Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency, in July 2009 in the American Free Journal.

In Spanish, other than the earlier publications, the short story “Mónica” in the online magazine from Cal State Northridge Umbrales, the poem “Frasquitos” in Naranjas y Nopales, a publication of the Tomas Rivera endowment at UCR, an Interview to Alicia Kozameh in the Argentinean magazine Generación Abierta a la Cultura in August 2009, the short story “Marta” in the online magazine The Barcelona Review in November 2009, the short-story “Contame tu vida” in, and “El oráculo” and “Beatriz” in Palabra Abierta.

At Highways Performance Space “In Constant Flux”

In 2015, I published Los Laberintos de Cleo, a children’s book with CD included with my own music, with Las Meninas Cartoneras, in Madrid, for which I made a presentation with string toys and my beloved toy piano in El Retablo de Maese Pedro, in Madrid, in November 2015, and in Buenos Aires, in December 2015 in La Casona de Los Títeres.

Presentacion de Los Laberintos de Cleo, en Madrid y Buenos Aires

In music, the last big work I completed was the Music for choreographer Meg Wolfe and her piece New Faithful Disco produced by RedCat Theater, Los Angeles and premiered in January 2016 at the RedCat Theater. It was performed later in many festivals and theaters across the USA, winner of the Los Angeles Performance Awards in 2016

Cassettes in preparation for the music of “New Faithful Disco”


In June 2018 I also did the music for the video “Lampedusa” by artists Anna Kurticz and Rudek, with my music, a little improvisation on the toy piano.

In between 2013 and now, I also did recordings and performances of my own songs with TRES (Ilein Bermudez, cello, Anabell Febles, percussion and voice, and I, piano and voice) and with Ilein alone. You can find them on this website and on SoundCloud ( I also performed a kind of mix of text, spoken word and music (toy piano, cajon, and voice) at the Café de Mol in September 2018. (Here one of them, Aquel Desgraciado, version with cajon only).

Performing at Cafe de Mol with the toy piano
Performing at Cafe de Mol, Aquel Desgraciado

In 2013, was the first presentation of “Kronkel”, with Marcel Kaars, an installation for children during Zinder, a Theater Festival for children organized by NTJong and Stella Theater at the Theater aan het Spui, in The Hague. On this installation, I based the children’s book.

Kronkel at Zinder 2013

In 2012, I played the piano for the presentation of the CD Portretten/Retratos at the Sinagoge, Delft, September 23rd, 2012. I also did three of the arrangements of songs written by Jacqueline Castro Ravelo for the CD, and also performed for the recording on August 25-26th, 2012.

I also did the recording of the “Thirteen Songs from the Year of Death: my first solo album of songs in English (mostly); mix of folk, pop, tango and chacarera, at the Egbert Schagen studio in Rotterdam, in February 2012.

During the years I composed música para danza (New Faithful Disco y The Return of Captain Ladyvoice, both by choreographer Meg Wolfe, and others), teatro experimental (Demotic y The Roman Forum, by Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen, presented at The Baltimore Theater Project and the Beal Center for the Arts at UCI); I also made multimedia pieces such as my Master Thesis Piece, Identidad, wrote music for film and documentaries, and I was the producer for the documentary The Rise and Fall of Irvine Meadows West, worked for the radio, writing music and short radio pieces, such as the music for The Breast Cancer Monologues, by Dmae Roberts, which was aired in the National Public Radio. For Radio Resonance I created “We’re All Gonna Be Homeless Pretty Soon.”

With the improvisation group Wiperfluid in California
At Highways Performance Space, In Constant Flux with the Bapudi Collective
Experimental theater with Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen, music with Jeff Ridenour


Here in The Netherlands, as a student, I participated in the Gaudeamus Composition Festival and Competition in 2001 with L’Opera Desnuda, a contemporary opera, and had my Canciones de Lorca aired and recorded by the Concertzender Radio.

In Amsterdam the day of the recording of the Lorca’s songs with Gloribel, Cecilia, Noa, Yolanda, Leo, and Jeff. 1999.

Improvisation has always been a big part of my artistic explorations, such as in 2007 at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, In Constant Flux, an improvisation festival in June 2007, with the Bapudi Collective, and I made the film, On Memory II: I Love you, presented at the CCRMA Stage / Stanford University in April, and performed live with the Bapudi Collective in “In Constant Flux” at Highways Performance Space in June, among other things.

For more, look around my YouTube Channelmi pagina de Soundcloud, my other website for the piano lessons, and this website for more writings and all.

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