Here I am (the one in front, the one in the back bombed my photo). After rolling through several ports I fell into this one and stayed, for now. I was born in Argentina, in a suburb of Buenos Aires. I went to Paris, a little running away, a little for love of the surrealists and La Maga, with music as an excuse. From there I came to Holland for the first time, I studied, I fell in love, I followed my love to California, I left him, I moved several times, and, because of the cat, it was his fault, I returned to Holland, Scheveningen, where I am still writing.

Featured Writings

  • Cronicas Schevingeanas - FacebookTweetPinEmailLinkedInPrint My new book of poetry and hybrid texts, Cronicas Schevingeanas, is coming soon! First in Spanish, published by Valparaiso Ediciones, and sometime in the near future, I hope, in English The animals Las gaviotas,Juut and Juul, the greedy bastards stubborn and grumpy. The Pigeons’ aunts, hunting each other. Six fat pigeons crawling in the …


I, María de los Ángeles Esteves, aka Cuca, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a writer, musician, and multimedia explorer. In short, a hybrid. When I was eight, with my sisters we created Editorial Casa, a publishing house, and until I was fourteen, I wrote and “published” a book every summer.

At the age of nine I started my piano studies at the Music Conservatory of San Martín, and from there my dilemma never ended: Music or Literature? I graduated in 1991 with the degrees of Music Teacher and Piano Instructor.