Crónicas Pandémicas: The Corona Virus and I

From a corner of the world in quarantine



It is weird for me to write about the present, focused as much as I was for many years in the past.

So, it’s a bit of fresh air, a wave of joy

and trepidation

to write about the present,

an exercise in the Be. Here. Now.

So volatile and impossible

possible now because, all of a sudden,

the present

acquires another dimension:

The dimension of fear and the unknown

of the URGENT

of the constant danger of contamination

and confinement to tubes and hospitals.

Because we are in a pandemic time,

this Coronavirus that haunts us

that leaves us stranded in these shallow waters

bogged down

in collective anxiety and uncertainty.

Here we go, Corona Virus,

to battle, to rescue

the present.

(Digo, sitting here in this grandmother’s armchair of postmodern and broken design, cracked and butchered leather, pieces of yellow foam hanging from the exposed wires,

sitting here anyway, dressed in black,

with a black turtleneck, folded in my typical pianistic posture,

back, curved,

I write

on the coffee table

under the window.)

Nuevos Vecinos, de Crónicas Schevingeanas

This is one of the prose poems in the book Crónicas Schevingeanas, which will be published as soon as the quarantine in Spain ends, edited by Valparaiso Ediciones. Long live the new neighbors! This is the Spanish version. I am working on the English translation and as soon as I have something, I’ll put it up!

Cronicas Schevingeanas

My new book of poetry and hybrid texts, Cronicas Schevingeanas, is coming soon! First in Spanish, published by Valparaiso Ediciones, and sometime in the near future, I hope, in English

The animals

Las gaviotas,Juut and Juul,

the greedy bastards

stubborn and grumpy.

The Pigeons’ aunts, hunting each other.

Six fat pigeons

crawling in the ground like female farmers.

Guo guo guo guo.

The Michs, la Micha, the mean looking cat, the golden cat,

and now, the Fluff.

(Drawing by Carla Pezzo)